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Education Commission of the States' "50-State Comparison: Prior Learning Assessment Policies"

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PLAIO is pleased to include a link to this resource developed by the Education Commission of the States. Their overview is as follows:

"This resource focuses on Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) policies [in the United States], which refer to a process to award academic credit for prior learning. This process involves assessing the learning and workforce skills a student has acquired through life and employment experience. Assessments can be performed using a variety of tools such as a portfolio-based review, or internally or externally developed examinations. If the college or university determines the student’s knowledge to be equivalent to college-level learning, the student may be awarded academic credit.

"Education Commission of the States researched PLA policies in all states to create this comprehensive resource.

"Key Takeaways

  • Twenty-four states have PLA policies.
  • Nine states provide guidance regarding PLA-related costs and fees charged to students.
  • Eleven states address limits on the number of credits that may be awarded for prior learning."


Whinnery, E. (2017, December 4). 50-state comparison: Prior learning assessment policies. Retrieved from


Special thanks to CAELthe Education Commission of the States for allowing us to share this resource with our readers.