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This issue of PLAIO will focus on the increasing interconnections between competency-based learning and PLA. While some have seen these directions as distinctive, many others have noticed their complementarity. Discussions of and relevant materials about this convergence will be at the core of PLAIO No. 8.

Materials due January 15, 2019.

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PLA Outreach, Participation and Guidance

With the assessment of learning gained outside of the academy garnering more and more traction and legitimacy around the world, opportunities for learners to be recognized for what they know, and for the skills they have acquired, have the potential to reach more and more individuals whether in the university or in the workplace. Yet for people to take advantage of these new openings, they must learn about prior learning assessment (PLA); they must understand why it could be beneficial; and, importantly, they must be able to make sense of what is required during the assessment process. Thus, without doubt, PLA outreach is critical very early on in someone’s education and career development to inform them about, set the stage for, and prepare them to engage in PLA. Research (e.g., Klein-Collins, 2010) indicates that individuals who engage in some form of PLA are more likely to persist in their studies and complete their degrees compared to those who do not pursue PLA. More generally, higher education research shows that when people feel connected in some way to their institution, persistence and completion increase (e.g., Kennedy, Sheckley, & Kehrhahn, 2000). The ways in which a person, whether at work or at school, is connected to the PLA process can be central to that person’s success. Effective engagement and completion requires the existence and availability of meaningful supports, guidance and feedback, and understandable expectations. What then are the most effective PLA practices that provide essential outreach information, relevant participation and engagement opportunities, and key guidance touchpoints for learners?

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