Bill Heinrich and Jeno Rivera

A Framework for PLA in Traditional Higher Education: Experiential Learning Assessment for Embedded Outcomes

William F. Heinrich, Jennifer Elaine Rivera


In traditional pathways to degree, high-impact educational practices coupled with experiential learning requires a collaborative, multi-perspective approach to assessment. Assessing experiences for both intended outcomes and embedded learning – those outcomes likely present, but otherwise not assessed – gives learners and programmers direct access to a broad array of learning evidence. This study aimed to match high-impact, experiential learning with equally powerful assessment practices. This paper describes an underutilized assessment process of analyzing individual video reflection to identify multiple learning outcomes across domains. Important outcomes of this effort were cognitive, affective, social and emotional learning made visible through a multi-perspective assessment processes. We also discuss how learners in both co-curricular and credit-bearing environments can benefit from these assessments. Embedded learning outcomes, data and feedback were surfaced for student, program, career and institutional purposes.

Keywords: Authentic assessment, multiple outcomes, experiential, reflection

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