Recognition of Prior Learning for the Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing

Alan Hogan, Patsy Hogan, Caroline Goode


TheĀ focus of this case study is to detail the Recognition of Prior Learning processes which were developed and applied to achieve certification of the Level 6 (EQF Level 5) Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing, and its value in recognizing the lifelong learning and experiences of hairdressers who before this would not have had the opportunity to earn a formal qualification in their field. The National Hairdressing Apprenticeship program established the qualification standard of Advanced Certificate in Hairdressing, the first professional hairdressing qualification at this level in Ireland. Without an available RPL process, the only route for applicants to access the qualification would be via completing the entire apprenticeship program itself.

The strength of close collaboration between education and industry partners during program development is most transparent in the outcome of this case study. The industry need for a Recognition of Prior Learning process was identified early in the development of the program curriculum, and the subsequent collaborative development of processes has resulted in a successful outcome, appropriate for both parties.

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