Career Guidance and Recognition of Prior Learning: A Proposed Model

Mona Pielorz, Patrick Werquin


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is at the top of the policy agenda in the fields of education, training, and/or work in almost all countries across the world. The rationale and possible procedures have been well described. This contribution attempts to shed light on the impact of career guidance when integrated into the RPL process. Career guidance covers a range of activities that enable individuals to identify their capacities, competencies, and interests in order to make meaningful decisions both in the fields of education and occupation. It is deemed necessary for applicants to be successful in their recognition of prior learning process and for successful applicants to best exploit their newly acquired qualification in the labor market.

This contribution proposes a model for career guidance to be organized in an efficient and effective manner. It introduces a gradient in the intensity with which career guidance is integrated into the recognition of prior learning at different stages of the pre-assessment and assessment process. 

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