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CAEL's "What Happens When Learning Counts? Measuring the Benefits of Prior Learning Assessment for the Adult Learner"

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A CAEL Self-Study of the Academic Outcomes of LearningCounts Students.

PLAIO is pleased to include a link to this publication developed by CAEL (Council on Adult and Experiential Learning). CAEL’s summary is as follows:

"The findings of this study show that PLA can be a valuable resource to adult learners in persisting towards and earning their degrees. Additionally, student feedback supports the idea that there are other benefits of the portfolio process that could contribute to an adult learners’ overall academic and professional success. The findings reinforce the value of providing PLA services to students through LearningCounts while encouraging all institutions to consider offering PLA as a way to propel students forward in their educational journeys."


Klein-Collins, R., & Hudson, S. (2017, September). What happens when learning counts? Measuring the benefits of prior learning assessment for the adult learner. A CAEL Self-Study of the Academic Outcomes of LearningCounts Students. The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). Retrieved from


Special thanks to CAEL for allowing us to share this resource with our readers.

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