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ACE's "Credit for Prior Learning: Charting Institutional Practice for Sustainability"

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PLAIO is pleased to include this resource. Our overview is as follows.

In early 2015, the American Council on Education (ACE) published “Credit for Prior Learning: Charting Institutional Practice for Sustainability” by Mary Beth Lakin, Deborah Seymour, Christopher J. Nellum and Jennifer R. Crandall.  This research report was supported by ACE, the Center for Policy Research and Strategy (CPRS), and the Center for Education Attainment and Innovation (CEAI).  The brief “identifies and addresses some of the cultural barriers and successful strategies to viewing CPL [credit for prior learning] as central to institutional mission and an essential component in the continuum of teaching, learning, and assessment.”  A major goal of this report is “to spark more discussion on advancing greater awareness, acceptance, and application of credit for prior learning options” (p. 1).

The brief can be accessed at the following link:


Special thanks to the Mary Beth Lakin, on behalf of the co-authors and ACE, CPRS and CEAI, for allowing us to share this resource with our readers.