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Tools of Assessment in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Within Vocational Education in Denmark

Michael Andersen


The paper presents key findings of two studies on recognition of prior learning (RPL) within vocational education for adults in Denmark, with a focus on the tools of assessment used by the vocational schools to assess prior learning. All, or nearly all, education programs at the schools included in this research use dialogue and documentation as tools of assessment. Checklists, statements from employers, practical tests and written tests are used by about half of the education programs. The studies have focused in particular on the variation with respect to the tools used in different schools and in different programs. One of the main results is that there are very large differences between schools and between education programs, so there is reason to assume that there is a potential for inspiration and sharing knowledge across the existing educational boarders. A new Act from 2015 has forced all vocational schools in Denmark to make RPL available for all persons aged 25 and above. A new study follows the implementation of the Act and preliminary results indicate that there are structural barriers that can make it harder to develop high quality RPL in practice.

Keywords: Recognition, vocational, education, adult, assessment, tools

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