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Understanding Italian Experiences on Learning Recognition

Manuela Bonacci


This paper aims at highlighting some existing experiences and practices in the Italian context regarding the recognition of learning through work experiences and work-based learning as a response to the global labor market requirements, the youth unemployment and the NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) phenomenon.

One of the most significant and recent practices of learning through work regards the validation of competences acquired during the civil service (in the Youth Guarantee1 program) within the national system of competences certification.

A work-based experience, on the side of the education-training system, is the school-work alternation.

The complexity of the national system and legal framework evidences that the process is quite articulated as it involves many stakeholders and different qualifications. Reforms and innovations enhance practices intended to improve the high unemployment level and to increase inclusion and integration of disadvantaged groups.

Keywords: learning through work, work-based learning, nonformal and informal learning.

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