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National Adult Learning Coalition's "Strengthening America’s Economy by Expanding Educational Opportunities For Working Adults: Policy Opportunities to Connect the Working Adult to Today’s Economy through Education and Credentials"

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PLAIO is pleased to include a link to and a PDF of this publication developed by the National Adult Learning Coalition.

Included here is a February 2017 U.S. publication from the National Adult Learner Coalition made up of The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), President’s Forum, and University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) with support from Lumina Foundation, which offers an outline of major “challenges” facing adult learners today. This white paper also provides a list of “building blocks” – including prior learning assessment (PLA) and competency based education (CBE) – that can offer opportunities for working adults. The document concludes with “policy opportunities” (such as the removal of financial barriers to PLA and CBE) that can “connect more of the workforce to today’s economy.”


National Adult Learner Coalition. (2017). Strengthening America’s economy by expanding educational opportunities for working adults: Policy opportunities to connect the working adult to today’s economy through education and credentials. Retrieved from


Special thanks to the National Adult Learner Coalition for allowing us to share this resource with our readers.

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